Children's Playground Surface in Acres Nook

Children's Playground Surface in Acres Nook

Schools and nurseries often have specialist playground surfacing installed so kids can enjoy outdoor activities in a safe environment which is fun and colourful.

Kids' Wetpour Flooring in Acres Nook

Kids' Wetpour Flooring in Acres Nook

You can choose from a number of fun and educational designs for kids' wetpour flooring and graphics can be installed in a range of bright colours.

Children's Play Flooring in Acres Nook

Children's Play Flooring in Acres Nook

We can help you design the perfect outdoor playground surface which will provide extra safety qualities as well as fun games and activities.

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Children's Playground Surface in Acres Nook

Welcome to Children's Playground Surface, we are specialists in designing the perfect outdoor playground surface which will provide extra playground safety qualities as well as fun games and activities in a range of bright colours. Do you need an experienced children's playground surface contractor in Acres Nook? Then you have come to the right place.

There is a lot of children's playground surfacing options in Acres Nook ST7 4 and many places in the UK like schools, nurseries and parks have them installed which is specially designed as an impact absorbing surface and make the play areas safe for the kids to play on.

For each different project, the type of surfacing which is installed can vary depending on how much use the facility will get and the desired appearance.

As we are industry specialists, we have carried out a range of projects all across the UK and this has given us lots of experience which we can take to other jobs. If you need any advice about the best type of flooring for you, the different kinds available as well as the costs for a project, get in touch and we will be able to take to you about these questions in detail.

Our enquiry process is simple to follow, which should make everything less complicated for you, with regards to the flooring which you are wanting to have.

Safety Surfaces for Playgrounds

Having play safety surfacing in place for playgrounds closest to you in Acres Nook ST7 4 is crucial for a child's wellbeing. There is a range of surfacing options for you to choose from which can all have the benefit of protecting a child from serious injuries.

Whether you are looking for wetpour rubber, grass matting, rubber mulch or play bark for your playground flooring, our team are able to provide you with exactly what you require. We have years of experience and specialist knowledge so we are sure to provide you with quality results that are ideal for your surrounding area. 

What are Play Area Surfaces?

Play area surfaces are installed in facilities which are going to be used by a community and the public. They have to be safe as young children will utilise them. There are different safety surface types which include wet pour, rubber-mulch, rubberised bark and grass mats.

Wetpour rubber safety flooring is a popular choice for an outdoor play area surface as it has different design options with lots of different colours and graphics. However there may be other children’s playground surface specifications which give the play area flooring a more natural-looking finish, these can include:

  • Rubber Grass Matting – This type of safety surface is usually installed to grassy playgrounds which need an added safety quality but don’t want to lose the natural grass appearance. The grass mats come in square tiles of recycled rubber which have a honeycomb design to let the natural grass grow through, disguising the look of the rubberised matting.
  • Bonded Rubber Mulch – Made up of rubber shred which will be bonded together with a special resin so none of the chippings could get lost from areas. Rubber mulch is ideal for a more rustic looking play-area or a timber activity trail.
  • Loose Play Bark – This is created using the same rubber shred as the mulch specification, however, there are loose chippings rather than the bonded mulch. This, along with the rubber mulch is ideal for covering playground surfacing which could get muddy or unsuitable for use in wet weather.

Each of these soft play area surfaces can be designed and specified for use on a variety of recreational areas with outdoor playground equipment and trim trail activities.

To learn more about soft surfaces, please visit this page If you're looking for information on the costs of children's play area surfacing in Acres Nook ST7 4 and surrounding areas, please fill in our contact form, and we'll send you over all the details you need.

Kids' Wetpour Play Surfacing in Acres Nook

Suppose you’d like a more colourful appearance for your nearby outdoor play area flooring in Acres Nook ST7 4 you could choose to install wet pour playground surfacing instead. This is commonly known as rubberised tarmac or bouncy playground surface as it’s made using EPDM rubber so it absorbs impact and provides a more child-friendly playground flooring. You can add playground markings or number grids to make it even more exciting for the children. 

To find out more about wet pour surfaces, please click here When building a playground floor at a nursery or primary school, the wet pour EPDM specification comes in two layers a base layer and a wearing course which can then be altered to meet the requirements of each play area.

Recreational Safety Surfaces Near Me

The base layer is a shock pad which provides the impact absorption; this could be installed to different depths depending on the required Free Fall Height ratings needed for any playground equipment in the area, wet pour can help prevent head injuries because of its impact absorbing properties.

The wearing course of wet pour playground safety surfacing is made of EPDM granules which get mixed together with a binder; this mixture is then laid out in liquid form and left to cure. Graphic designs and activity markings can also be applied within the kids’ wet pour playground surfacing to create a fun and educational environment.

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Thank you for reading this page. If you require a quote for installing a kids playground safety facility in Acres Nook ST7 4 like what we have talked about on this page,  contact us and let us know the details and we’ll give you a price estimate based on the location, area size and the work that needs to be carried out.

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