Wetpour Playground Surfacing in Aggborough

Wetpour Playground Surfacing in Aggborough

We install wetpour play area surfaces to a range of outdoor facilities at parks, nurseries and schools to create enjoyable and educational designs which kids love.

Rubber Wetpour Flooring in Aggborough

Rubber Wetpour Flooring in Aggborough

The wetpour specification is made using a two tier system with an SBR shockpad and an EPDM wearing course to make a safe play surface.

Playground Flooring Installers in Aggborough

Playground Flooring Installers in Aggborough

Our services include installation and maintenance for wetpour surfacing in playgrounds at parks and schools.

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Wet Pour Playground Surfacing in Aggborough

Here at Wet Pour safety Surfacing, we provide an impact absorbing two-tier system with an SBR shockpad and an EPDM wearing course to make a safe play surface for parks, nurseries and school playgrounds to create games areas and a wide range of educational designs which kids love. If you want to build a wet pour safety surfacing in Aggborough, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

Safety surfacing wet pour in Aggborough DY10 1 is often called a variety of different names, including bouncy safety surfaces. There are also other names such as rubber tarmac, spongy rubber surface, soft pour, soft play area surfacing or rubber crumb flooring.

The safety surfacing wet pour is created using a two-tier system including the sub base layer or shock pad layer which is made up of 2-6mm styrene-butadiene rubber granules mixed with a polyurethane resin and laid up to an edge on site.

The shock pad layer meets the safety standards and creates an impact absorbing play surfaces. This is to prevent injuries from critical falls of play equipment at a height such as climbing frames. 

This is the layer that usually varies in depth to meet the Critical Fall Heights or Free Fall Heights which is governed by the height of any playground equipment on the site and normally specified by the company that manufactures the play equipment. The playground safety surfacing wearing course layer is commonly made up of 1-4mm EPDM rubber crumb that is mixed with a polyurethane resin and laid on site.

The wearing course EPDM rubber granules are what determines the colour of the wet pour surfacing; wet pour EPDM rubber granules are available in a wide range of colours with graphic designs and playground surface activities. The wide range of colours that we use is red, green, blue, orange, purple, teal and many more. The colour EPDM along with the depth and size of the area being covered determines the prices and costs of the job.

To find out more about the rubber surfaces we provide, please click here http://www.playgroundflooring.org.uk/soft-surface/worcestershire/aggborough/ Rubber spheres are a great way to brighten up urban areas, recreational parks, gardens, city centres and kids' safety surfaces in Aggborough DY10 1, and they are installed for the top of the wet pour play safety surfacing.

What is Wetpour?

Wetpour is a type of safety surface http://www.playgroundflooring.org.uk/safety-surfacing/worcestershire/aggborough/ which is normally installed in parks and play areas, but it can also be constructed in gardens. It has the appearance of tarmac, but it feels spongey when you walk on it. It is installed in these types of facilities because it meets the important requirements.

By filling in our simple contact form, you can get in touch with one of our experts to discuss wet pour surfacing and the costs of safety surfacing for your outdoor area.

How to Install Wet-Pour Near Me

If you would like to understand how to install wet pour surfacing in your surrounding areas, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Install SBR sub base layer
  2. Mix EPDM rubber granules and resin binder together
  3. Pour the mix onto the area.
  4. Screed the area mix until it is smooth
  5. Leave to dry for 48 hours.

Soft Tarmac Installers in Aggborough

Our most popular product or service we presently have on the market in Aggborough DY10 1 is EPDM wet pour flooring. Wetpour would be the same as soft tarmacadam.

However, this type is significantly safer in comparison with tarmacadam because it's softer to walk on; this greatly decreases the chance of incidents through falls and trips.

Which means play area safety surfacing could be excellent for play areas closest to you as children can often be utilising it meaning it needs to be safe to make use of the product.

We make sure to offer each of the necessary services within the wet pour surfacing market. This really is to be certain our clientele can get all the things they require.

Wetpour Surface Maintenance

Wet pour rubber surfacing requires a wet pour maintenance programme to keep it in prime condition. Maintaining it helps keep it clean and performing to its best consistently, and all it takes are a few simple procedures carried out regularly.

Leaves, weeds and other vegetation should not be allowed to sit on this area; this can cause a drain inhibiting skin to form on the facilities safety surface providing perfect conditions for moss algae and weeds to grow on the safety surface.

This allows moisture and water to be held on the surface, preventing it from being porous and could cause issues like expansion and contraction in freezing and cold conditions.

These problems can easily be prevented and save you a considerable amount of money in maintenance repairs just by regularly maintaining the surface with a brush and copious amounts of water as well as a light jet wash or hose down.

Making sure correct footwear is worn on wet pour rubber safety surfacing is also key to maintaining consistent performance of the rubber surface. Sharp footwear such as high heels or football boots could penetrate the wearing course of the surface.

Wet Pour Flooring Repair Near Me

Repairing small blemishes in wet pour rubber such as stains or chewing gum marks can help prevent more expensive costs like future repairs. In the instance of a stain appearing, it can likely be removed with a solution of hot water and detergent such as washing up liquid.

Chewing gum and oil marks can sometimes be more difficult to clean and maintain on the wet pour. However, it is possible that chewing gum can be removed by applying a freezing aerosol and oil stains removed with the application of a methylated spirit, as with the use of any cleaning products.

Our team can carry out all of these services for you at a reasonable price. If you need more information on our company, please click here http://www.playgroundflooring.org.uk/worcestershire/aggborough/ You should make sure that they are suitable for use with the playground surface type to prevent any damage.

Even if your wet pour surfacing maintenance is of a high standard, sometimes weeds will appear however if acted upon straight away these are not a problem.

Small weeds could be removed by hand. Damp, wet pour surfacing areas attracting moss can be cleared and maintained using any path moss killer. Snow and Ice should be cleared from the wet pour surface with a specially designed liquid de-icer which we can supply (Non-Solvent).

Wet pour surfacing has slip resistant properties when well maintained. Maintenance servicing for wet pour rubber safety surfacing can be carried out this is done with a brush or rubber edged scraper, metal and sharp edges shovels should not be used.

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