Playground Flooring Specialists in Ashley Dale

Playground Flooring Specialists in Ashley Dale

Outdoor play surfaces can be installed in a range of specifications including wetpour, rubber mulch, grass mats and tarmac flooring.

Play Surface Installers in Ashley Dale

Play Surface Installers in Ashley Dale

We are experienced installers of numerous different types of recreational surfacing including coloured graphic designs to create fun games and activities.

Play Area Contractor in Ashley Dale

Play Area Contractor in Ashley Dale

Our services include design and construction of outdoor recreational surfaces, as well as maintenance to keep the area clean and safe.

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Playground Surfacing Flooring in Ashley Dale

Here at Playground Surfacing Flooring, we offer help designing the perfect outdoor playground surface, which will provide extra safety qualities and fun games and colourful activities. So if you need experienced and friendly playground surfacing flooring installers in Ashley Dale, look no further than us.

As a specialist rubber playground flooring UK company, we carry out projects nationwide to install outdoor playground surfacing flooring in Ashley Dale TF9 4 in various designs and specifications.


All the playground surfaces we specialise in are thoroughly safety tested to meet BS EN 1177 standards and Critical Fall Height ratings for use with different outdoor play equipment such as climbing frames that CFH allows for safety within the floor.

To learn more about safety surfaces, please click hereWe have been market leaders for years and have a great deal of experience designing and installing children’s safety surfacing.

Rubber Safety Flooring Near Me

One of the most common types of recreational surfaces that we install in Ashley Dale TF9 4 is wet pour rubber safe flooring made from rubber crumbs laid with a shock pad layer to absorb impact protect kids from injuries while they play. It is also a non-slip surface in wet weather conditions if regularly maintained. 

The wet pour surfacing specification can be designed with graphics in different colours and shapes like animals, numbers and games to help kids learn as they play. This is ideal for educational facilities like EYFS groups, kindergarten and preschool, where the children are starting to develop fundamental skills through outdoor activities. Wet pour is also an excellent alternative to playground tiles. 

Play Area Surfacing in Ashley Dale

We have a wide product range of playground flooring surfaces in the UK that we may supply and install, including; rubber grass mats, bonded rubber mulch and loose play bark. These rubber flooring types have a special design to give a play area a more natural look as an alternative to the brightly coloured wet pour surfacing.

To learn more about the rubber flooring types, please visit this pageThe natural surface types are ideal for parks and more rustic looking areas with natural grass or muddy patches, which are unsuitable for use by the kids in wet weather.

We have worked with lots of schools, kindergartens and nurseries to install playground surfacing flooring to their outdoor space, as many people choose to upgrade from rubber playground mats to wet pour or rubber mulch. So please contact us for details on the costs if you're thinking of installing a new play area. Our experts will be happy to send you some case studies and provide you with a quote that fits any specific budget you have.

Safety Surfaces for Play Areas

As for safety surface specialists closest to you in Ashley Dale TF9 4, we can provide your facility with quality flooring suitable for each user. We understand that children's safety is a priority to schools, nurseries and parks across the UK, which is why we aim to give you precisely what you are looking for at a great price.

Our team have years of experience and expert knowledge to provide results that meet all your requirements and are ideal for your surrounding areas. Let us know if you would like to find out more information and receive further details regarding the playground surfaces we could provide you. Just fill in the enquiry form provided, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Play Surface Installers Near Me

We have nearby experienced play surface installers in your surrounding areas, so we may help you in every aspect of your project, from designing the space, to help you keep the cost within your budget.

It can be challenging to develop a perfect design that meets all the requirements and still comes at an affordable price, but we pride ourselves on making this happen for as many clients as possible. The costs to install playground flooring UK designs will always vary depending on different factors that affect the price.

The most significant variables that affect the costs for play surface installers are the perimeter size and dimensions for a playground and the chosen surfacing specification. We specialise in a range of surface types, including wet pour, grass matting and rubber mulch designs, so that you can choose a bespoke floor type. You can find out more about rubber mulch here. These types of surface are frequently chosen by nurseries, preschools, Early Years organisations and many other local facilities.

The custom designs suit whatever activities you want in the area, making an exciting playing surface for the children to explore and ensure the price is within your budget. Other factors like site access, location, and the existing area conditions also change installation cost. We can help tailor a quote and design to suit you, so you get the suitable playground safety surface for the best possible price.

What is the floor of a playground called?

It is also known as "wet pour rubber flooring," "rubberized playground surfacing," "safety flooring for playgrounds," or "playground foundation." It may be put on new or existing playgrounds. Poured playground surfaces are more smooth than rubber playground safety tiles.

What are rubber play tiles suitable for? 

Rubber floor tiles are quite adaptable. Rubber tiles are often utilized in playgrounds, outdoors, and other high-traffic places that require durable and/or waterproof flooring, despite its primary purpose as gym flooring.

What makes a playground safe?

Avoid playgrounds with surfaces that do not absorb impact, such as asphalt, concrete, grass, dirt, or gravel. Sand, pea gravel, wood chips, mulch, and shredded rubber are all recommended as surface materials. Rubber mats, synthetic turf, and other artificial surfaces are also safe and low-maintenance options. 

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