Soft Playground Surface in Fintry

Soft Playground Surface in Fintry

The most common type of soft playground surface is wetpour rubber flooring which can be installed for schools, nurseries and parks in a number of brightly coloured designs.

Wetpour Soft Flooring in Fintry

Wetpour Soft Flooring in Fintry

Wetpour safety surfaces can be installed for use with playground equipment as the two layered system provides impact absorbing qualities to protect against injury.

Rubber Playground Designs in Fintry

Rubber Playground Designs in Fintry

As well as being used with equipment, rubber play surfaces can be installed with a range of coloured graphics which make up designs for fun games and activities.

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Soft Playground Surface in Fintry

Welcome to Soft playground Surface, we specialise in the most common type of soft playground surface which is wet pour rubber flooring and can be installed for schools, nurseries and parks in a number of brightly coloured designs for fun games and activities. Do you need an experienced soft playground surface contractor in Fintry? Then you have come to the right place. 

The most commonly installed type of soft playground surface in Fintry DD4 9 is wet pour rubber flooring. This is used in lots of nurseries, primary schools and public parks to give kids a safe environment to play in with a reduced risk of injury from trips and falls. The wet pour surface is made with a two-layer system, the bottom layer is an SBR shockpad and the top layer is made of EPDM rubber crumb mixed with a specialised binder.

The shock-absorbing base layer can be installed in a range of depths depending on the Critical Fall Height ratings of any equipment in the area. Coloured EPDM rubber granules are used for the wearing course so you can choose from a lot of different colours and designs to personalise the look of the playground surface.

What is a Soft Play Area Surface?

A soft play area surface could be wet pour, rubber mulch, grass mats or even loose playground bark. It is a type of surfacing which should meet safety standards which is why it will normally be installed in play areas.

Most people choose to install the majority of wet pour surfacing in black, and then add graphics in different colours to create fun activities for children and kids and to give the playground a better look. You can choose from a whole host of different designs for your outdoor safety surfacing to meet the needs of children who will be using it.

Primary schools often choose to have educational games like letter grids, geographical maps and roadway designs installed to help kids learn and stay active through fun outdoor activities. To learn more about outdoor surfacing, have a look at this page Nurseries tend to pick designs like animals and cartoon characters to stimulate younger children’s minds as they begin to explore the outside world.

We can advise you about each of the different surfaces in Fintry DD4 9 and our prices for installing them, all you have to do is fill in our contact form and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. We are industry experts and we can install a range of flooring options to suit different requirements and needs. When we're speaking to clients, we will show them the previous projects which we have carried out and they can see our case studies.

Having a lot of experience is great as we will use it as an advantage on other jobs and it also allows a client to know that our company will carry out the service to a very high standard and they will not be worried about using us as an organisation. Please get in touch using our contact form and a member of our team will get in start communicating with you about your facility.

Play Area Soft Flooring Near Me

There are many benefits of using wet pour rubber to create play area soft flooring for outdoor recreational facilities near me. The wearing course and shock pad are both porous which means any rainwater can flow straight through it without pooling on the surface and making it unsafe for use.

As a soft playground surface, wet pour is very durable and long-lasting to withstand heavy use from a lot of kids running and playing on it. Safety tests have been carried out on the wet pour specification to ensure it meets all the relevant BS EN 1177 safety standards for play-area soft flooring.

Safety Flooring Installers in Fintry

As well as the full installation of the children's safety flooring, we are able to also supply extras like wet pour repairs kits in a range of colours, and also liquid de-icer to prevent the playground surfacing from becoming slippery in cold weather.

To learn more about safety surfacing please click here If a larger maintenance job is needed and this problem can’t be fixed with a repair kit, we can also carry out these services to fix any damage and bring back the good quality surfacing.

Soft Surfaces for Playareas Near Me

As soft surfaces specialists in Fintry DD4 9 we have years of experience and expert knowledge in order to provide your facility with the flooring that meets all your requirements. You will always need professionals to carry out the process as this will allow you to get the greatest results possible. Speak to our team today if you would like to find out more information and receive further details which can improve your surrounding areas

Whether you are looking for wet pour, rubber flooring or grass mats, we're on hand to offer you exactly what you are looking for. Not only can we offer the surfacing, but also offer a variety of colours, shapes and sizes so you are always able to find what you need. Our specialists are happy to carry out the process which can give your local school, nursery or play park the greatest results possible. 

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To receive a quote for the installation of a play-area surface in Fintry DD4 9 please use our contact form to send us the area size, project location and the work you’re looking to carry out. We will be happy to give you an idea of costs as well as any help you need with the design for the play area soft flooring.

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