Playground Rubber Flooring in Ceredigion

Playground Rubber Flooring in Ceredigion

A popular surface type for playgrounds is wetpour rubber flooring which absorbs impact and can be installed in a range of colours and graphic designs.

Rubber Play Surfaces in Ceredigion

Rubber Play Surfaces in Ceredigion

Wetpour play surfacing can be installed with graphics to create educational designs and activities which children of all ages can enjoy.

Play Area Installers in Ceredigion

Play Area Installers in Ceredigion

We have many years of experience in installing rubber play area surfaces and would be happy to discuss designs and prices with you to help create the perfect outdoor surface for your school or nursery.

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Playground Rubber Flooring in Ceredigion

We are Playground Rubber Flooring, we provide wet pour rubber flooring which absorbs impact and can be installed in a range of colours and graphic designs to create educational designs and activities which children of all ages can enjoy. 

If you'd like to install a brand new playground rubber flooring in Ceredigion, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

The anti slip wet pour EPDM surfacing is the most common of the two rubber playground flooring types in Ceredigion SA44 5 and is used as the surface for a large number of playgrounds across the UK.

Wet pour surfacing is made up of rubber-crumb which is mixed together with a binder to create a soft, impact-absorbing rubber playground safety flooring which comes in many colours.

This surface can be installed on two different types of sub-base, including a solid porous sub base and the MOT type 1 stone sub-base. Despite the MOT type 1 being the more common sub-base to use for EPDM surfacing, we prefer to use the solid porous surface to help with water drainage. 

Wet pour is more common nowadays than rubber playground tiles as you can add designs to it to make it more exciting.

This surfacing will be excellent for all-weather use, as the wet pour is much more suited to use in the rain than a grass recreational area would be as it has slip resistant properties if well maintained making it a good option when thinking about playground safety. 

The types of facilities which would use this flooring include nurseries, primary schools, kindergartens, public parks and fitness centres near me.

These are areas where children will be running around and playing on different equipment, so it's vital to have a safe surface in case they fall.

To find out more about the various anti slip surfaces available, please click here The different coloured designs and graphics also help to create a fun and exciting outdoor space where many activities can be done to develop skills and keep fit.

Impact Absorbing Surfaces Near Me

The shock pad for it is created entirely from recycled SBR rubber crumb (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) and then mixed together with a resin binder.

This system must meet the CFH (Critical fall height) and BS EN 1177 criteria which ensure that the children’s safety is a priority, and these requirements must be between 30 and 150mm in thickness depending on the facility in question.

This helps to prevent any serious injury that may occur from a fall onto the surfacing and therefore is a very important part of the surfacing.

Other specifications such as bonded rubber mulch flooring can also be used as an impact absorbing playground safety surfacing. To learn more about rubber mulch please have a look at this page 

Here you can learn about the various colours and specs available for play bark.

Please contact one of our experts in Ceredigion SA44 5 through the enquiry form if you've got any questions about our services or the costs to install rubber playground flooring.

Each project will be completely unique and therefore the specifications and prices do vary, we'd be happy to discuss your budget and offer a quote which suits you.

Rubber Safety Surfaces 

Playground mats used to be used often but people are switching to wet pour as playground safety mats are not as fun and bright as wet pour. Using wet pour you can add your own designs or educational games. 

Rubber safety surfaces are an ideal option for a number of schools and parks closest to you. Our specialists are fully trained and qualified to carry out surface installation so are sure to provide you with results that are ideal for what you have to offer.

Whether you are looking to install rubber mulch or Wetpour, our team have all the right equipment and tools to achieve the best standards.

Putting a child's safety first is crucial in a number of schools and clubs in Ceredigion SA44 5 which is why we always recommend you consider all the rubber playground flooring that we have to offer.

Talk to our team if you'd like to find out more information and receive further information by filling out the enquiry form provided. 

Play Area Rubber Surfacing in Ceredigion

The other main type of playground rubberised surfacing is the bonded rubber mulch.

This safety flooring is fantastic for those with an existing grass play-area that becomes muddy during rainy weather, as this surface is installed over the existing grass area to ensure the flooring is usable all year round and offer a more professional look than grass mats. 

This surfaces type acts as a much cheaper alternative than installing full wet pour EPDM rubber, and also makes the environment a lot safer for children who could potentially fall from the playground equipment and injure themselves.

To learn more about outdoor surfacing, please click here By having soft play surfacing at nurseries and schools, kids can be protected for injuries if they fall or trip over.

There is a playground flooring which is created from rubber bark chippings, which are then bound together using PU polymer to ensure the material is strong and porous, helping the water drainage and making this surface slip resistant and suitable for all weather conditions.

As well as this, the outdoor recreational surfaces are available in a wide variety of colours, allowing you to ensure that your bonded rubberised mulch matches your playground exactly how you want it to.

This flooring is excellent for those who look for cost-effective rubber playground safety surfaces that ensure the safety of the children remains a priority whilst being usable all year round due to its porous qualities and non slip properties.

What Playground Surface should I get?

If you are unsure about what rubber playground safety surface you should get installed in your facility, make sure you get you to speak to one of our specialists.

It all depends on what your floor is going to be used for, the standards it has to meet and the requirements which are needed.

The common flooring installed at play-areas is wet pour, rubberised mulch, artificial grass all good substitutes from rubber playground tiles. 

These surfaces are generally preferred to playground safety tiles, as they offer a smoother surface. Each of these floor options has benefits and it will vary on your facilities uses.

Some colours in wet pour may discolour with UV rays, for more information please get in touch with our team. 

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